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Thousands of years ago, humans peacefully co-existed with all species of supernaturals. However, the Great Divide separated a mostly-human world from another - the Otherside - where the powerful live, parallel to us, but never to enter. 

Books 1-3: Here are the stories of three powerful werewolf sisters and their battle against an evil queen and her plans to enslave the human race. They'll discover their power, fall in love, and sacrifice much to keep peace between earth and the Otherside. 

Book 4: An uncertain alliance brings the Guardians, into the politically volatile realm of Vampires. Marc must convince Kaida to see the bigger picture and join forces with them against the Otherside. 

Fans of Stephanie Plum, Lara Croft, Indiana Jones, and Romancing the Stone will love this wild thrill ride of pure fun, steamy romance, action and adventure!


Romance Author

Wylde Ryder is Sherry's pen name for her romance novels in the action/adventure  contemporary genre. Spanning the genres of paranormal, fantasy, contemporary, mystery, adventure, and military, Sherry's works all share the unifying theme of a strong female lead finding scintillating romance and happily ever afters amid a suspenseful backdrop of action. 

Readers agree, picking up one of her books is diving into a world of thrilling, don't-want-to-put-it-down romance.



"The front cover says it’s a tale or romance and adventure and this book lives up to its word." - Deborah

"The writing draws you in and keeps you involved throughout the whole story, I found myself in love with not only the characters but also the world that was created." - Sleep Reader

"Entertaining and charming story with witty dialogue. Great characters you will love to follow. Fun following the journey full of twists and turns. Imaginative and fun to read. Good read!" - Granny Loves to Read

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The Distance Between Dreams

It's the forbidden romance on action-packed steroids...

Everly Ryan is one of the first females to have ever finished BUD/S, the Navy Seal's most elite training school. Now she is being placed with an operational Seal team in an experimental military research project. This is what she signed up for. But, THE team is not happy about it.

Her commander is dead-set against females in active combat situations, and he's going to do more than get her off his team. He wants her out of the Seals altogether. He isn't prepared for the begrudging admiration and straight-up sexual attraction he feels for her. He'll deny everything he feels, pull out all the stops, and do everything in his power to get her out of the line of fire.

Everly and Broussard navigate bar-room brawls, hazing shenanigans, training ops, active combat zone missions, and their own growing and powerful sexual attraction while being willfully opposed to the other. Who will come out on top in their own battle of love?

She's the first of her kind. A female Navy SEAL. Her heart is that of a warrior but the challenges she faces will test not her ability to serve, but her ability to love. Journey with Everly Ryan while she discovers that once dreams are gone, the distance to another is the best adventure.

Readers are saying:

"This book literally made me read it in one sitting ! Great story with a perfect combination of action and romance. Definitely recommend for anyone who likes an action packed book with a complicated love story!"

- Julie P., Amazon

"...a poignant tale that will speak to your heart, fill you with inspiration, and leave you forever moved! I thoroughly enjoyed this first time read, it gripped me from the very first page, and held on tightly until the last..."

- Red Romance Reviews

"This was an incredible journey. Everly's story, what started it, what prompted her to become an amazing Seal. Her acceptance into, not just onto the team. I couldn't put it down, it was kickass, it was heartbreaking, it was so good."

- Madm007, Goodreads

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