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Romance Author

Spanning the genres of paranormal, fantasy, contemporary, mystery, adventure, and military, Sherry's works all share the unifying theme of a strong female lead finding scintillating romance and happily ever afters amid a suspenseful backdrop of action. 

Readers agree, picking up one of her books is diving into a world of thrilling, don't-want-to-put-it-down romance.

4.43/5 average rating · 47 ratings · 32 reviews · 8 novels

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Charlotte Ivey and the Vanished Valkyrie

Book 1

Charlotte Ivey is a little bit Indiana Jones, a little bit Stephanie Plum, and a whole lotta entertainment!

Pillaged apartment? Check. Mysterious Death? Check. Hot Neighbor with a Badge? Check. Charlotte’s got a lot going on for a high school English teacher. And that’s not even her area of expertise! No, she’s a professional archaeologist, and she's fallen into some international political intrigue with an arrogant, sexy, adrenaline-seeking Scot, (Just who is this guy, anyway?) while looking for an artifact of historical significance. Some might even call it treasure...

Charlotte Ivey and the Gates of Atlantis

Book 3

For too long, archaeological professor Charlotte Ivey has glossed over her past. Why? Her childhood wasn’t terrible - it just hurt to look into family history. Now she can’t move forward until she satisfies her curiosity. What will she find when she starts digging?

Her mum has become a Stepford-wife married to career politician with zealot-like tendencies. A half-brother in denial of her existence, and a half-sister obsessed with fantastical tales of treasure - the lost city of Atlantis. It’s like looking in the mirror for Charlotte, and she’ll have to navigate traditional family holiday dinners, entrepreneurial mobsters, Florida swamps (pythons included!) and questionable knitted underwear with her too-hot-to-handle, fine-as-can-be, officer of the law boyfriend, Tyler, to find out if Atlantis really does exist.

Charlotte Ivey and the House of Sundance

Book 2


Gyrating g-strings, an unexpected house-guest, an uncertain relationship and a blast from the past has Dr. Charlotte Ivey more than ready for the end of summer and the start of school with it’s quiet and ordinary expectations. But, under contract for the mysterious Mountbatten, she joins up with a super-spy heartthrob for a last-minute mission in the wilds of Wyoming. Bears, bones, bombs and non-stop action has Charlotte not asking if she’ll survive, but if she’ll survive with her heart intact.

Charlotte Ivey and the Search for Solomon's Seal

Book 4


Fresh from an ugly battle in the war on love, Charlotte Ivey has sworn off all men for the rest of her life. Too bad the universe likes to make a mockery of such personal pledges - throwing her into every single girl’s nightmare of being a date-less bridesmaid in a wedding on Valentine’s day!

And if that’s not enough, her ex-crush, Alaric, is demanding to see her from prison while the Italian Mafia thinks she can make good on his promises to find King Solomon’s treasure. 

With just three months left on her contract with the mysterious Mountbatten - they, too, want her final job to be cleaning up Alaric’s projects - while her ex-lover is potential collateral damage. Having sworn off men, and the entire duplicity that is Mountbatten & Company, she’s not about to blindly follow their directives. And will we finally find out who the mysterious Mountbatten is?



Action and Romance swirl together in this contemporary military romance. Get lost in this real-life, no-holds-barred, action-packed read.

“I can’t explain that I would never be just another survivor. I would be the fighter. I will never stand to be on the sidelines. I will be the one to throw the punches and direct the path of my life. Action instead of reaction.”

She's the first of her kind. A female Navy SEAL. Her heart is that of a warrior but the challenges she faces will test not her ability to serve, but her ability to love. Journey with Everly Ryan while she discovers that once dreams are gone, the distance to another is the best adventur

The Distance Between Dreams

4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Readers are saying:

"This book literally made me read it in one sitting ! Great story with a perfect combination of action and romance. Definitely recommend for anyone who likes an action packed book with a complicated love story!"

- Julie P., Amazon

"...a poignant tale that will speak to your heart, fill you with inspiration, and leave you forever moved! I thoroughly enjoyed this first time read, it gripped me from the very first page, and held on tightly until the last..."

- Red Romance Reviews

"This was an incredible journey. Everly's story, what started it, what prompted her to become an amazing Seal. Her acceptance into, not just onto the team. I couldn't put it down, it was kickass, it was heartbreaking, it was so good."

- Madm007, Goodreads