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While the new world guardians work to fill the void after the evil queen’s defeat, in New Orleans, vampire Queen Kaida is operating under business as usual.

However, as she unites territories and vampires alike, the others of her species are readying themselves for world domination. Vampires are split into two factions, and Kaida’s woes are just beginning.

She’s fallen for a fresh-faced thirty-year old that has a penchant for turning furry. He’s a guardian, and she can’t give up her empire for mere puppy love.

But the forces of the Otherside are working to break through again, and if she doesn’t get over herself, she might not even have a kingdom to rule over…

I am the Queen. Leader of a vampire army.

My minions protect me. I’ve got riches and power at my fingertips.

But what do I want more than anything else?


Six hundred years of chasing it.

Now I’m dead inside and out.

Thousands would kill for me.

And have.

Millions would die for me.

And have.

But that’s not Love.

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