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Delphine Rhodes left home eight years ago, vowing to never return...

Her life is crumbling before her very eyes. Her racing career is teetering on the edge of failure, her best friend and manager has died, and an unscrupulous entrepreneur is coming at her for the millions of dollars he laundered by funding her race team.  Out of options, Delphine returns to her hometown and the temporary sanctuary of her sister's house. 

AJ Frost has settled into his role as the chief of police for his hometown in sleepy East Texas.

When trouble follows Delphine home,  AJ knows Delphine's the reason his usually peaceful town is turned upside down.  Her reputation proceeds her as the town wild child- he shouldn't be attracted to the rebellious woman, but something about her outer fire hides a vulnerability underneath, and he just can't let her go...

Delphine's the wild card. AJ's law and order. How long will they fight their attraction to one another? 



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She was placed under his command. He is dead-set against females in combat. And that doesn’t even scratch the surface of their relationship baggage.

Everly Ryan is motivated by a promise she made to a ghost. She is one of the first females to have ever finished BUD/S, the Navy SEAL’s most elite training school. Now she is being placed with an operational SEAL team in an experimental military research project. This is what she signed up for. But, THE team is not happy about it.

Her commander, Master Chief Eric Broussard, is dead-set against females in active combat situations, and he's going to do more than get her off his team. He wants her out of the SEALs altogether. What he isn’t prepared for is the begrudging admiration and straight-up sexual attraction he feels for her.

Who will come out on top in their battle of love?

Fans of Maya Banks, Susan Stoker, Brittany Sahin, Brenda Jackson, Lora Leigh, and Suzanne Brockmann and the like will be absolutely engrossed with the page-turning action of this standalone military romance.


"This book literally made me read it in one sitting ! Great story with a perfect combination of action and romance. Definitely recommend for anyone who likes an action packed book with a complicated love story!"

- Julie P., Amazon

"...a poignant tale that will speak to your heart, fill you with inspiration, and leave you forever moved! I thoroughly enjoyed this first time read, it gripped me from the very first page, and held on tightly until the last..."

- Red Romance Reviews

"This was an incredible journey. Everly's story, what started it, what prompted her to become an amazing Seal. Her acceptance into, not just onto the team. I couldn't put it down, it was kickass, it was heartbreaking, it was so good."

- Madm007, Goodreads

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