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Werewolves are on the edge of extinction. Cut off from the magic of the 'otherside,' one she-wolf must find her inner power and reconcile her humanity with the beast inside...

What's it mean when you 'have it all' but still feel empty inside? Glory is married to a powerful, alpha husband. Has a beautiful house, a loving pack, and miles and miles of space to run. So what's missing?

For Nick, crashing with Glory changed the course of his life forever. Fate played with his life, and he lost his humanity for it. He never thought he'd meet her again.

Now, dark forces are once again controlling their lives. Can Nick find Glory once more and take back what was lost between them?

With deeply engrossing characters, fantastical world-building, scorching romance, and page-turning suspense, this completed six book paranormal series explores the power of personal growth and accepting self, fate versus free will, and battling against evil.

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