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The seductive and phenomenal Otherside Chronicles series continues with the second installment and Justice's story.

Justice Skollen is a werewolf who’s worked hard to provide a stable home life for her younger sister after their powerful shaman mother decided to ‘move on’. As one sister is taken, the other is lost, she looks to the guardians for help.

Locke O’Connell is watching her. Keeping secrets to protect her. Stepping back to give her a chance at real happiness.

Inevitably, the sparks erupt as what he wants for her is in direct opposition to the responsibility she feels to her sisters, her friends, and her adopted pack. The more he steps back, the more she holds on.

The uncontrollable forces of the Otherside are finding their way through and Justice and Locke’s budding relationship may be over before it begins. Will she sacrifice true power to save him? Or will she put duty ahead of love?

In this titillating continuation of The Otherside Chronicles, enter a captivating world on the precipice of a classic good vs. evil war, meet seductive characters and watch their action-packed journey unfold before your eyes.

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