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The smashing third novel in the deeply seductive paranormal series, The Otherside Chronicles.

Independence Skollen is a vulnerable half-werewolf seeking her place in life. After a direct challenge from another wolf takes her to the brink of death and Grayson brings her back, she’s changed.

Grayson Faoláin has been calculated, cunning, and powerful his entire life. He wasn’t prepared for the young spitfire Independence, but when events bring her to him, he seizes the chance to mold her into an elite Alpha.

The ensuing hero-worship and rejection puts Indy on the run, straight into the arms of an old-world vampire sword master. Out of spite and out of choices, she agrees to learn all that she can from him.

Little does she realize that Grayson even has a hand in that, orchestrating Independence’s training from afar. It’s time for her to take her place among the Guardians; she’ll have to wrestle womanly attraction, duty to family, and a prophecy that is hanging over her head like a guillotine blade.

In this thrilling, action-packed installment, the entire Otherside Chronicles character’s fates are at stake as the guardians take the war to the evil queen...

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