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Throw it in the bin, pour the alcohol on it, and light it up. Her career is O-V-E-R.

On second thought, save the alcohol. It’ll be good for the pity-party later.

Charlotte’s moved back home to sleepy (and so dang hot) rural East Texas to take care of her aging grandmother. And that means her life passion of archaeological digs and carbon-dating unearthed artifacts in exotic locales is at an end.

Teaching high-school History is a job she could do blind-folded and hands-tied. Which is why, when a budding romance with her hot cop neighbor comes up, it’s the perfect distraction. But, when their date ends upside down - literally - Charlotte begins to suspect something fishy is going on.

A simple request from an old colleague brings her back into the world she left behind. Then, his death further embroils her in mystery that she just can’t say no to. But...Was his death merely an accident or was it murder? Is his brother really who he says he is? Who is this widow anyways? Will her new relationship be enough to lure her back home? And where the heck is the Valkyrie idol?

There’s only one thing she can do. Find the answers. Find the artifact. And forget the rest.

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